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KiKA makes programmes for children

KiKA (short for “children’s channel of ARD and ZDF” in German) offers programmes for children aged three to 13 – without advertising and free of violence. On this page you can find information on the kind of public service broadcaster we are and how you can make use of our offering on television and on the internet.


Discover KiKA nach oben

KiKA is a cross-platform offering for children – on television, online and via app. Our programming is aimed at children aged three to 13. All the KiKA offerings are free of advertising. KiKA is a joint undertaking by the nine ARD regional broadcasters and ZDF and was launched on 1 January 1997. The children’s channel of ARD and ZDF is based in Erfurt.

Our programming mission
As a public service children’s broadcaster, KiKA has a programming mission: We inform, educate, advise and entertain on all platforms – on TV and on the internet – and are oriented towards the particular needs of children aged three to 13.

Each day from 6.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. KiKA broadcasts series, feature films, documentaries, magazine shows, news and informative programmes. All offerings are available at any time at kika.de and on the KiKA-Player.

What KiKA offers you and your children nach oben

Genre and thematic diversity
We offer children a broad variety of themes and genres and our programming combines daily news, magazine shows and interactive live broadcasts, but also fictional programmes and entertainment shows.

KiKA for all
KiKA is the safe media space that perceives children in all their dimensions and where everyone is welcome. With KiKA für alle (KiKA for all), kika.de offers information, entertainment and activities specially for Ukrainian children.

Information and advice
We take children seriously and address their needs. In a world in which the news raises questions and provokes fear, we want to do more than just report: We provide information on the background and context of events and guide our young audience. As a point of contact, we offer scope for questions and attempt to provide answers and assistance.

Conveying positive values
KiKA stands for tolerance and friendship. We represent social diversity and convey positive values to children.

No violence and free of advertising
KiKA reflects the reality of children’s lives and offers constructive solutions for overcoming conflicts. Here, the topic of violence is not ignored, but depictions of violence as a stylistic device or a way of tackling problems are avoided. In addition, all the KiKA offerings are free of advertising.

Promoting media competence
Children come into contact with the media very early on: Smartphones, tablets and televisions are accessible to them in many households. Both the KiKA TV programming and the interactive offerings on the internet give children the necessary protective space to try things out, discover and gather initial experiences in order to find their way in the media world.

KiKA on TV and online nach oben

Our TV programming

KiKA makes programmes for children aged three to 13. This target group is made up of young children, those in primary school and pre-teens, all of whom have very different requirements of the programming. For this reason, we have designated time slots for specific age groups. On the „KiKA für Erwachsene“ (“KiKA for grown-ups”) web pages, parents can find information on our programmes and age recommendations. (Please note: The information you find via this link is in German.)


In addition to our linear TV programming, you can also access the KiKA video offering on an Internet-enabled TV set via HbbTV. This means a selection of our programmes can be viewed on demand at any time. To access HbbTV, you need to press the red button on the TV remote. HbbTV, like all other KiKA offerings, is free of advertising and free of charge.

For parents

The “KiKA for grown-ups” offering is aimed at parents, educators and those interested in the media. Here, we offer information and age recommendations for our programmes and provide tips on use of the media and on dealing with digital media in general.

(Please note: The information you find via this link is in German.)


The website kikaninchen.de is tailored to the special needs of pre-school children. The Kikaninchen character invites children into an interactive world and offers a protected space. Symbols help children who cannot yet read to navigate the website. At kikaninchen.de, children can watch videos, sing songs, play games, and get ideas for painting and crafts.



The website kika.de is oriented towards the special needs of children from primary-school age upwards. Here, children will find their KiKA shows and additional videos to watch, and they can also play games online, get painting and craft tips, and take part in KiKA hands-on activities and KiKA competitions.

(Please note: The information you find via this link is in German.)


The KiKANiNCHEN app is designed specially for children aged three and over. The app is free of advertising and any content that could frighten pre-school children or be overwhelming for them. The app’s text-free and child-friendly controls are ideal for preschoolers. Children can immerse themselves in the lovingly designed world of Kikaninchen and find a loyal companion in the character: Playful experimentation, fun games without time pressure, creative design and making music are the focus here.

KiKA player app

The KiKA player is our ad-free, free-of-charge media library. With the app, children can watch and download their favourite videos, children’s series and children’s films on smartphone and tablet or stream them on a big screen. Parents can set up individual profiles for their children, with videos for the appropriate age and set usage times.

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